Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Wrestling is all about the belt. The gold that sits around the waist (or over the shoulder) of a champion. Fans love championship belts so much that the business of replicas is a big one. From WWE's shop site to people who create replicas on commission, folks will pay top dollar for an awesome replica belt. The hard part is getting the belt you want. Buying one on commission is incredibly expensive and the only pre-made replicas are on the WWE site and they pretty much stick to those belts within the WWE lineage. We here at Knife Edge Chop felt that was unfair, so we came up with a list of belts that should have replicas made for a reasonable price. 

PS The price suggestions came from how orange the belt is and how hard we thought it would be to make, NOT the level of importance of the belt itself. 

10. ROH Pure Title
Introduced: 2004
Top 5 Champions: Nigel McGuiness, John Walters,  Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jay Lethal
Why: This retired title was held by some of the best wrestlers ever. It’s a cool looking title with a nice cache and, because it’s so basic, it would probably be a cost effective title to add to your collection.
Suggested Price: $275

09. Jay Briscoe ROH Championship Title
Introduced: 2013
Top 5 Champions: N/A
Why: First, it’s way cooler than the current version of the ROH Championship belt. Second, if Stone Cold can have a custom belt than so can Jay Briscoe. Third, Jay Briscoe rules. Fourth, I’d buy it, smarks would buy it and so would rednecks
Suggested Price: $425

08. Mid-South North American Belt
Introduced: 1973
Top 5 Champions: Ken Patera, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Dory Funk JR, Roddy Piper
Why: Outside of the rich history involved with the Mid Atlantic Belt, it’s also one of the more bizarre and understated belts. This might not roll with the super flashy WWE set, but I promise the old school collectors (the ones with the money) would want a killer replica of this belt.
Suggested Price: $250

07. AAW Belt
Created: 2004
Top 5 Champions: Silas Young, Egotistico Fantastico, Jerry Lyn, Michael Elgin, Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)
Why: King of the indie scene, AAW continues to grow in popularity. The lineage of the title is unquestionable and with current champion Pentagon JR, it’ll only get bigger. The big fucking belt deserves a replica.
Suggested Price: $425 

06. Old United States Belt
Created: 1975
Top 5 Champions: Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Blackjack Mulligan, Rick Rude
Why: Let’s be honest, the current USA belt is ugly and, after the last few years, pretty much at rock bottom in terms of cache. To return the belt to its former glory, we need to go back into the past when the belt was super badass looking and sought after by the very best. Besides, who wouldn’t want that belt?
Suggested Price: $250 

05. PWG Belt
Introduced: 2003
Top 5 Champions: Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Claudio Castignoli (Cesaro), Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens),  Kyle O’Reilly
Why:  Prowrestling Guerilla is about as good as it gets. So many of their champions have gone on to do incredible things and few promotions have launched more incredible talent. People worship PWG so having a full replica of their belt seems to be a no brainer.
Suggested Price: $325

04. NWA TV Title
Created: 1974
Top 5 Champions: Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, William Regak, Rick Steiner
Why: The only TV title in prominence right now is the ROH version. A replica of the old school top tier joint would remind the fans of the days when the TV Title had the same juice as the Heavyweight Championship. It’s also a beautiful title.
Suggested Price: $300 

03. Lucha Underground Belt
Introduced: 2014
Top 5 Champions: N/A
Why: It’s a cool looking belt, the show is super popular and ANYBODY having it who is not Matanza is a good thing. 
Suggested Price: $450

02. Mid-Atlantic Belt
Introduced: 1969
Top 5 Champions: Bill Watts, Ted DiBiase, Paul Orndorff, Junkyard Dog, Magnum TA
Why: Another slice of history belt and another with a very particular look. Few belts stand out amongst the standard style of belt design, but the Mid-South Atlantic Belt is it’s own beast. Again this might not for the WWE crowd but for sure a wrestling belt collectors’ gem.
Suggested Price: $275

01. IWGP Heavyweight Title
Created: 1987
Top 5 Champions: Okada, Muta, Tanahashi, Kensuke Sasaki, Tatsumi Fujinama
Why: There has never been an official replica of this legendary title, which is bizarre because it’s a gorgeous looking belt. Combine that with the popularity surge that NJWP has attained in recent years and BAM, you are printing money.
Suggested Price: $475